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ADSL is a data communications technology using copper cable transmission lines, catering for any customer who has the need to study, work or play, etc. on the Internet. The ADSL service has been officially provided by FPT Telecom since 2004; so far, its infrastructure has been established in 64 provinces and cities, ensuring broadband connection with the fastest and most stable transmission speed to meet the demand for Internet access of Customers all over the country.

Benefits of the ADSL 2+ service provided by FPT Telecom include:

  • ADSL-f1.png
    Exceptional speed, up to 10 Megabits/second
  • ADSL-f2.png
    Convenient registration through hotline, on online website or at stores
  • ADSL-f3.png
    Continuous & stable connection
  • ADSL-f4.png
    Quick service installation, 3-5 days at maximum
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    Online sharing and interaction with relatives and friends
  • ADSL-f6.png
    Clear charge & fee
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    Easy access to watch HD movies, surf the web and play online games
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    24/7 customer care and support

ITo meet all the demands for Internet access of our customers, FPT Telecom has developed a range of ADSL2 + service packages with an extremely preferential rate per month as follows:

Service description A1
Download speed 10 Mbps
Upload speed 768 Mbps
Package charge per month (VND) 260,000

* Note:

  • The charge rate above is exclusive of 10% VAT
  • Please contact us at: 19006600 for more advice or click here to get updated about the latest information on promotions and discounts.